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Roof Repair is an art, call us picasso

The Toll of Time

Living in the Texas Panhandle puts an incredible amount of stress on your roof.

Severe weather, high winds and daily temperatures above 90 add up. Owning a commercial property can add a lot of stress to an already overfull plate; don't let the added stress of an unkept roof be the straw to break the camels back. A well put together roof should last for well over a decade. Unfortunately, some contractors may keep costs down by cutting corners, which can lead to your roof failing earlier than expected.


Accent Roofing Commercial Specialties

Accent Roofing specializes in five flat roofing systems for commercial use.

Built Up Roofs (BUR), also known as the "Hot-Tar-and-Gravel" Roof Systems, are a type of roof which uses a hot tar/gravel mixture to create a simple yet effective roof which can withstand the elements
Metal Panel Roof Systems involve a roof made primarily of metallic panes.

2 Ply Modified Bitumen Torch Down Rubber Roof System

Single-ply membranes such as TPO, PVC, and EPDM Systems

Spray-Applied roof coating

Commercial roof repair takes skill and experience, and for over 17 years Accent Roofing has been successfully evaluated, repaired, restored and replaced commercial roofs.


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