New Roof
in Amarillo

If you are in need of a new roof call Accent Roofing in Amarillo. Our roofs are made to withstand Amarillo weather and can be designed to look amazing.

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Roofs are a huge investment

Your home takes a beating, but your roof takes a pounding.

Residential roofing in Amarillo is a large investment, so you need to make sure you're working with the right team. As a locally owned and operated company here in Amarillo, TX we understand what it takes to keep the roofs on your homes in top shape. We do the same work on our own roofs.

Whether you're looking to re-roof your home, or need a new roof on an addition, Accent Roofing has your family's safety in mind. With high-quality options for every budget and style, our dedicated roofers are ready to provide you the quality residential roofing you need.

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No roof too big or small

Living in the Texas Panhandle puts an incredible amount of stress on your roof.

It doesn't matter if your new roof in Amarillo needs are big or small, our experienced team of roofing professionals will complete your project in a timely, efficient manner, with very minimal impact on your family's day-to-day life.

For more information and a free estimate, contact us today, and let us show you why we're the best around.

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New Roof in Amarillo

Accent Roofing in Amarillo

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The Value of a New Roof

Your roof is a vital part of your home. 
Your roof is the most vital part of your home. It works hard to protect you from severe weather events. From the baking heat of the Texas Panhandle to the severe thunderstorms and ice storms that strike the area, your roof is there to guard against whatever is thrown your way. Often your roof can be repaired, but West Texas weather can break down a roof over time. Damaged roofs need prompt attention and may require total replacement. 
Missing shingles, broken shingles, or curling shingles are signs that it is time to have your roof checked out. Shingles that show wear are a huge clue that it is time to replace your roof. It is important to pay close attention to what is happening on your roof so that you and your family are protected. Damaged roofing can cause further harm to your home from leaks or unwanted moldy growth.

When you purchase a home, you are making an investment for your lifetime. Your home is the host to all the events of your life. It is important to provide the best protection available for your home. A new roof guards your family from the elements and gives your home a longer life.

What A New Roof Adds

A new roof offers many benefits for the future of your home. 
Severe weather events are not the only reasons to consider replacing your roof. An old roof is unsightly. By replacing your roof, you can add curb appeal to your home. Making your home attractive helps maintain your property value. In addition, if you are considering a move, a new roof increases the resale value of your home. An old, worn roof could deter buyers. A new roof can dress up an older home, making it look fresh and new. New technologies in roofing materials also increase the energy efficiency of your home. Roofing that reflects sunlight can cut down on cooling costs. The expense associated with a new roof will save you money in the long run.

Whatever your reasons for considering a roof replacement, the experts at Accent Roofing of Amarillo are here to help. Accent Roofing has the experience you need to make the best roofing choices for your home. They offer a wide variety of roofing, including cedar, composite, metal, and low slope roofing. The professionals at Accent Roofing have been the trusted name in Amarillo roofing since 2001. They deliver quality roofing and reliable service. You can trust Accent Roofing with your roof replacement. Call today to continue protecting your home and family for the future.