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Composition Roofing in Amarillo

Homeowners have many options when it comes to choosing a roof. One of the most popular choices continues to be composition roofing. At Accent Roofing of Amarillo, our experienced staff is ready to help you with your next composition roof.

A composition roof is composed of shingles with fiberglass centers. Each sheet of fiberglass is covered with mineral fillers and then a layer of asphalt to make it waterproof. Finally the shingles are covered with a layer of ceramic granules. Composition shingles are durable, withstand sunlight and all types of weather.

In general, there are three categories of composition shingles. The most common type is three-tab shingles. This type of shingle is the easiest to maintain. It is also the least expensive of all roofing systems. Most warranties for three-tab shingle roofing are for twenty to thirty years. Laminate composition shingles are another choice. Laminate shingles are also called dimensionals. This type of composition shingle has become a popular choice. It is an upgrade from the three-tab shingle. There is a second tabbed layer at the base to double the material thickness. Laminate shingles usually have warranties of thirty to fifty years. Proper maintenance is the key to ensuring laminate roofing lasts. The final category of composition shingle is architectural shingles. This type of shingle is the best type of composition shingle. It is made like a slab. Each is laid on top of the other to create a super strong roof. Architectural shingles are thicker, heavier, and physically larger than laminates. They also offer extra features such as moss retardants. Warranties for architectural shingles are fifty years to life.

There are many reasons to choose composition shingles. First and foremost, composition roofing is affordable. In addition, they are very easy to replace. This cuts down on repair costs. Composition shingles are durable. They can last up to fifty years. Composition roofing acts as a shield from harmful ultraviolet rays. They can reduce energy costs and utility bills. Some even offer various levels of fire resistance and help prevent the growth of mold, algae, and fungus. For these reasons, composition shingles are an excellent investment. When choosing a roof, homeowners want a roofing color, texture, and style that compliment their home. Curb appeal is a key factor in addition to the functionality of the roof. Composition shingles offer a wide range of cost effective roofing shingle styles that will add the curb appeal of any home.

The professional staff at Accent Roofing of Amarillo is dedicated to helping you protect your home. We will work with you throughout the process to ensure you have a roof that will protect your home.

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