Roof Snow and Ice Damage
in Amarillo

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Roof Snow and Ice Damage in Amarillo | Accent Roofing of Amarillo

Roof Snow and Ice Damage in Amarillo

In the Texas Panhandle, spring storms often result in damaged roofing. However, in our area, winter can cause just as much damage to your roof. Accent Roofing of Amarillo is available year ‘round to help you keep your roof and home safe.

Water is your roof’s biggest enemy. During the winter, water in the form of snow and ice can cause more damage than most homeowners realize. Snow and ice thaw and refreeze with the fluctuating temperatures of the season. Water from melting snow and ice can seep into small holes in your roof. As the temperatures fall, the water refreezes, expanding in the small holes and enlarging them. With the next thaw, more water enters the hole, and the damage cycle continues. Healthy roofing supports around twenty pounds of weight, close to four feet of snow. Older roofing may not be able to support that much weight. A sagging roof is a sign that your roof is suffering from wear and an overload of weight. The stress of heavy snow and ice can also lead to cave ins on older, worn roofing systems.

In addition to a sagging roofline, ceiling leaks and large icicles also indicate a problem. Icicles are a sign that ice is damaging your roof and attention is needed. Ice dams may be causing continuing damage to your roof. Ice dams are caused by uneven roof temperatures. One cause is poor ventilation. Warm air in the attic heats the underside of the roof which melts the snow and ice above. Water runs down the roof to colder edges where it freezes again. Large blocks of ice form and jam gutters, adding strain to the roof. Blocked gutters prevent water from running off the roof and force it back up under the shingles. Growing ice dams can create icicles heavy enough to tear down gutters, eaves, and shingles. If you suspect you may have an ice dam on your roof, you can call Accent Roofing of Amarillo. Our professional staff can help you safely locate and remove ice dams before they can cause more serious damage to your roof and home. Constant vigilance and maintenance will be required throughout the winter to ensure that the ice dams are not allowed to re-build. Accent Roofing understands the steps that must be taken and can safely remove snow and clear your roof during winter months. They can also help prevent ice dams by checking for proper ventilation. A well vented roof will allow warm air to escape the attic and prevent heat from building up and melting the snow and ice above. Cleaning gutters and insulating your attic can also help prevent ice dams.

Accent Roofing of Amarillo understands the stress area weather places on your roof. The professional staff is available to help you prevent and manage snow and ice damage. They are dedicated to ensuring not only the safety of your home and family, but also to meeting your every need. No job is complete until the customer is satisfied. Let Accent Roofing work with you to prepare your home for winter and prevent snow and ice damage to your roof.

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