Roof Wind Damage in Amarillo

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Roof Wind Damage in Amarillo | Accent Roofing of Amarillo

Roof Wind Damage in Amarillo

The heart of the Texas Panhandle is known for its wild winds. Windy days are not limited to storms. In fact, a day without wind is unusual in West Texas. Because our winds are constant and often extreme, it is important to recognize wind damage on your roof and repair it promptly. Accent Roofing of Amarillo has an experienced staff with the knowledge to locate and repair wind damage to your roof. At Accent Roofing, customer satisfaction and safety is our top priority.


Wind causes damage to your roof beginning at speeds of around fifty miles per hour. Most roofs are rated to withstand higher speeds - up to ninety miles per hour, but the age and shape of your roof can leave it more susceptible to damage. Wind does not hit your roofing evenly. Corners, edges, and ridge lines are the most vulnerable areas of the roof. The wind works its way under a corner or edge of a shingle. From there it can cause the shingle to curl or rip away. When this happens, your roof is exposed and leaks are inevitable.


Many times, the wind will not rip or blow away shingles. Instead, the wind will cause lifting. The shingles will look intact, however, high winds have lifted the shingles upward, loosening the nails. This lifting can lead to leaks because the sealant between layers has been weakened or broken. High winds also blow debris and can damage trees around your home. Tree limbs can fall and puncture your roof or damage your shingles. Holes or weak points in your shingles will lead to leaks and continued damage to your home. Keep in mind that older roofing will be damaged much more easily by the wind.


Accent Roofing of Amarillo will inspect your roof for wind damage. They will look for leaks. In many instances, a leak is what homeowners notice first. Water in your attic, wet flooring, or waterlogged ceilings are signs of serious roofing issues. Some of the most obvious signs of wind damage include missing shingles. On the stress points of your roof there may be curling shingles. Curled shingles allow water to leak through the roof, but they can be hard to spot. Lifting is also difficult to see. Loose nails indicate broken sealant between shingle layers. One overlooked sign of wind damage can be found by inspecting gutters. Gutters full of shingle granules could mean your roof has been weakened by wind. For homes with chimneys, missing or split chimney flashing is a red flag for wind damage.


Accent Roofing of Amarillo is dedicated to helping you keep your home safe. If you believe your roof might have wind damage, we can inspect it and make recommendations. Our staff is committed to serving you and ensuring your satisfaction. The weather in the Texas Panhandle is crazy and unpredictable. Inspecting your roof frequently will help it to weather the next storm and the next. Let us help you keep everything under your roof safe.

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