Wind Damage Repair in Amarillo

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Wind Damage Repair in Amarillo

Amarillo is a wind heavy area of Texas. Your home can be damaged by wind, especially your roof. Damages caused by wind can include blown over marquee signs, uprooted tree trunks, blown over brick walls and more.

The risk of Wind Damage to public and private property is huge and can’t be neglected in Amarillo, Texas. Accent Roofing has seen a lot of shingle roofs get ripped apart by the wind and but you don’t need an accident like that to make an insurance claim. Sometimes the wind damage isn’t easily visible and can go unnoticed. Often a single composite shingle can be bent back enough to crack the asphalt layer, which can cause leaks when snow settles on the roof.

You can detect damage to your roof by checking for certain things:

- Split Seams

- Torn Shingles

- Missing Shingles

- Missing Sections

- Leaks after Rain

- Torn Siding or Gutters

Accent Roofing can help

If the wind has destroyed your flowerbed, patio furniture, or even left tree debris, there is a fairly large chance that your roof has been damaged as well. If you notice any damage, particularly where the roof meets your homes siding or gutters, you might need a professional examination of your house. You certainly do not want your roof blown away the next time a wind storm happens.

One of the worst things about wind damage is that it can easily go undetected and lead to further damage. This further damage could be mold, rotting wood, mildew or structural damage to your house or roof. Typically, you don’t see these problems before they cause major damage to your home.

Don’t hesitate, contact Accent Roofing after the next storm blows through. It is always best to make sure your roof has not been damaged after a storm. It is better to have a small roof repair, rather than waiting and having to deal with big issues that could ultimately compromise the rest of your home. 

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